ProShield®5000 can be incorporated into almost any kind of consumer product, textiles, precast concrete, building materials, roofing, paints and coatings. When incorporated into the manufacturing process of these products, it builds in durable, lasting antimicrobial properties.

ProShield®5000 is a unique positively charged polymer network that chemically bonds to treated surfaces. The long-chain molecules act as swords which puncture cell membranes to eliminate replication and growth. The cured surface is totally non-toxic, non-leaching and safe for human and animal contact.

One of the apparel industries top companies launches an Innovative new product calling it:
“the biggest news for the brand since the launch of the T-shirt without a tag”

An antimicrobial finish that physically inhibits bacteria growth. Textiles naturally aid in the growth of bacteria by providing nutrients, and odor is a byproduct of bacterial growth during the time period in which the product is worn. Extremely durable and effective after multiple launderings. Provides durable antistatic properties and lubricity on all types of fibers.

How It Works

Unlike other antimicrobials which rely on heavy metals to poison the cell, ProShield®5000 uses a physical mechanism to disrupt cellular function. This mode of action eliminates the risk that bacteria will become resistant.

ProShield®5000 may be diluted and sprayed onto materials, or incorporated during the manufacturing process.

Once dry it forms a co-polymer bond with the surface forming a protective micro biostatic layer of spikes which have a positively charged ion down the spike.

Pathogen cells are attracted to the positively charged ion and efficacy occurs through disruption of normal cellular function.

Since this is a physical rupture of the cell membrane, the destroyed cell cannot mutate or develop antimicrobial resistance.